Sparking BOLD Action

The culminating event in the R2T series was an all-day summit on October 29.  Its intent was to inspire constructive, thought-provoking discussion about what should be next for big change in Connecticut’s approach to better health and health care.  It was also designed kick off a process to create an action agenda to achieve significant breakthroughs in the next few years.

We invited a diverse group of 125 policymakers, practitioners and activists to challenge, question and weigh in on a collective vision for how Connecticut can accelerate and scale up our goals for transforming health and health care.

The day started with a dynamic call to action video:

Followed by a rousing opening address from theologian and ethicist, Rev. Efrain Agosto, PhD proclaiming that health care is a human right and a public good:

Two panels then shared their experience from other states, which provided models of successful health care change and lessons learned in the field.

The Summit participants then worked in break-out groups to process what they had learned and give the Foundation input what we might focus on in creating an action agenda for the next few years.

Here are a few insightful comments from the program speakers:

“Change happens at the speed of trust.”

John M. Colmers, Chair, Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission Senior Vice President, Health Care Transformation and Strategic Planning, John Hopkins Medicine

“Let’s make it [health care]  equal. Everyone deserves to be healthy and, everyone deserves the best care, both because it’s the right thing to do, and because all society benefits when the poor woman is attended to and the rich man is well.”

Efrain Agosto, PhD, Theologian and Ethicist

“Health care transformation is about the cultural change as a country and as communities. What do we want to see in our health care system? What should it look like? What should equity look like?”

– Dianne Hasselman, Deputy Director, Network of Regional Healthcare Improvement


Here are a few insightful comments from the program attendees:

“[We] need for a more robust regulatory model along the lines of a public utility.”

“[We] need to create a mechanism for reinvestment of savings into upstream initiatives to improve health.”

“[There is] much agreement on goals and methods!  A surprise for me.”

To learn more, visit our summit website.

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