Letter From The President

Greetings From Frances G. Padilla, President

Looking back on our first 15 years, the Foundation has earned a reputation for tackling big change commensurate to the challenges in health care, and for bringing diverse interests together to positively influence health and health care in Connecticut.

The Foundation devoted 2015 to sparking a renewed vision of health care change for Connecticut.

We worked with others to:

Inspire.  We called stakeholders together, commissioned papers, provided testimony, educated and developed citizen-activists, created media, and held forums — all to focus in on what is needed for real change for Connecticut’s health.  From the many insights we gathered, we adopted a new vision statement that we’ll use to inspire action:

We envision a health care system that is accountable and responsive to the people it serves, and that supports our health, takes excellent care of all of us when we are sick at a cost that doesn’t threaten our financial security and continues to be an important source of quality employment and vitality in our communities.

Illuminate. We are the keeper of the flame for the belief that our state government should boldly recognize health and health care as a fundamental human right, treat health care as a public good and smartly use its power to ensure a health system that works for everyone.

Catalyze. On our own, the flame we keep is small. From our earliest days, we’ve always understood that we’re only as effective as the alliances and coalitions we forge and motivate to act.

Provoke. We must be on the alert for opportunities, and create opportunities to stimulate action that advances the vision.

Spark. Innovate. Change. You’ll see in our 2015 year in review, that we assembled advocacy partners, health care professionals, policymakers, business, labor, academia and others to better understand why we spend so much on health care, and get so little health in return, what other states are doing about it, and what must happen to spur change.

In 2016 we will work together with allies and friends – old and new – to put Connecticut’s residents on a clear path to affordable, quality health care and better health.

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