Leaders in Action

to Change Health Care 

Everyday people, including patients, their families and community members, are shut out of meaningful participation in health care systems planning and policymaking.

The Foundation sees a need to build and nurture the field of organizers and advocates actively engaged in shaping people-centered systemic health care change.

In response to this challenge, the Foundation launched a pilot organizing and leadership program called Leaders in Action to Change Health Care (LIA).  The first cohort of eleven participants represent a range of individuals: ages 23 to 73; from all parts of the state, including the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation; diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds; and, individual advocates, as well as people embedded in allied organizations.

The LIA program aims to develop and support a vibrant network of empowered leaders to act as catalysts for change through a focus on:

  • People-Centered Systemic Change:  In order to achieve quality, affordable health care and better health for all Connecticut residents, the health and well-being of  everyday people must be at the heart of system-wide change.
  • Shifting the Dialog:  To inspire hope and ignite collective action, we must shift the public discussion from health care as a commodity to health care as a public good and human right.
  • Building an Empowered Leadership Network: A sustained effort to achieve people-centered change must be led and supported by an organized network of leaders who are able to bring people along, build strategic alliances, ignite action and wield power.

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