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A major focus for the Foundation in 2015 was to act as a watchdog for health care. We made it a priority to educate the public and begin discussions around issues that affect Connecticut residents.

We wrote blogs, created visuals and videos, and communicated on social media – all in an effort to keep the public informed of the rapid changes unfolding every day.

Here is a sample of media that we produced:

Big Pharma: Life Saver or Criminal Enterprise?

Pharmaceutical companies are being called out in fairly graphic terms for price gouging, influence peddling and deceptive, dangerous marketing practices. Read

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CT Back in the Forefront of Health Reform

It is not often that major health care legislation gains traction in Hartford—let alone a bi-partisan bill that seeks to tackle such a wide variety of issues. Read


Surprise Out-of-Network Charges Cost Us All

I see many types of bills as a health insurance agent, but I received one from a client last week that highlights a disturbing trend. Read


Taking Stock of Cost and Quality

This is the first in a series about SB-811, a landmark health care bill that passed in the Connecticut General Assembly this year, now known as Public Act 15-146, AN ACT CONCERNING HOSPITALS, INSURERS AND HEALTH CARE CONSUMERS.  In this series, we will examine the different elements in the larger bill, as it collected a wide range of new laws and changes to current laws.  Today, we tackle Section 19. Read


Congress Gears Up for Hearings on Health Insurance Mergers

Two mergers of giant health insurance carriers will be under scrutiny by congressional committees this month. Read

Golden Profile of Head with a Keyhole Icon on Black Compass.

All Policy is Health Policy

Ever experience that moment when you look at your kid, point your finger, and quote one of your parents? Read

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