Summary of Finances

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Funded Partners

The Foundation funded three partner organizations that promoted advocate voices from the frontlines of our health care system and one organization to do research that will help our state’s health policy reform efforts.

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Connecticut Center for a New Economy | $50,000

CT Center for a New Economy – To develop leaders and build civic engagement among community, labor and faith groups on a range of economic, social and racial justice issues, including expanding access to health care.

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Connecticut Citizens Research Group | $25,000

CT Citizen Research Group – To conduct research, training and educational activities in order to actively engage residents in altering the relations of power to build a more just society.  The health care issue work included: consolidation in the hospital industry, protecting consumers from cost shifting, and accountability in the state’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act.


National Physicians Alliance Foundation | $25,000

National Physicians Alliance Foundation – To use research and education programs to promote health and foster the active engagement of physicians in their communities to achieve high quality, affordable health care for all.  Advocacy on a range of issues including: State Innovation Model work and consolidation in the hospital and medical industry.


Connecticut State Office of the Healthcare Advocate | $25,000

The Foundation funded the state’s Office of Healthcare Advocate to support the Healthcare Cabinet’s charge (under Public Act 15-146) to conduct a study of other state cost containment models and make recommendations of strategies for Connecticut to pursue.  The grant was a co-investment with several other foundations to leverage state resources in order to hire a consultant to do the research and work with the Cabinet to develop recommendations by the end of 2016.

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