Boards of Directors

Universal Health Care Foundation of CT (UHCF) is a supporting organization to a parent organization, CT Health Advancement Research Trust (CHART). The two entities have overlapping governing boards.  The CHART board sets policy and decides strategic focus, while the Foundation board holds the assets, employs staff and makes grants in order to implement policy and strategy.


Shelley Best, Chart | UHCF

Nancy Burton, Chart | UHCF

Francois de Brantes, Chart | UHCF

Marian Evans, Chart | UHCF

Dan Livingston, Chart | UHCF

Sal Luciano, Chart | UHCF

Jean Morningstar, Chart 

David Pickus, Secretary, Chart | UHCF

Alice Pritchard, Chart | Chiar, UHCF

Stephen Smith, Chart 

Phil Wheeler, Treasurer, Chart | UHCF

Cornell Wright, Chart 

Teresa YoungerVice-Chair, Chart | Vice-Chair, UHCF

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